aerobic fitness Training Sydney

What is AERO?

This is the question of the year! Our new method AERO training completely innovated Health and Fitness in 2020. We designed a NEW approach to fitness that compliments that of a typical training routine.

AERO is a scientifically backed strength and conditioning program with diverse and varied options to suit both ends of the fitness spectrum. It started originally as a fantastic complimentary class to an already rounded program and since has grown its own community of dedicated health and fitness enthusiasts.

Each class delivers a purpose driven program with hands on coaching across the following classes:

If you’ve been thinking of taking that next step with your training to a better developed, well rounded, constantly varied style, AERO is for you!


the aero approach

The approach is unique, effective and dynamic yet simple in its approach. Designed specifically to build pure Aerobic Capacity by stimulating different energy systems, AERO classes also create an incredible increase in functional strength and fitness capacity that carry over into any sport of your liking.

These structured training progressions promote an incredible increase in your overall conditioning with popular movements like Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Concept2 Conditioning Machines, Running and Bodyweight Exercises.

If you enjoy the simplicity of moving your body, sweating out calories, building well rounded strength and developing overall fitness all while being side by side to coaches who attentively care to your needs, Welcome to AERO!

The Aero Classes

AeroThreshold: This class focuses on increasing your anaerobic threshold, that crucial point during high-intensity exercise where your body transitions from aerobic energy production (with oxygen) to anaerobic energy production (without oxygen). In AeroThreshold, you will engage in intense, sustained periods of physical activity with a mix of bodyweight exercises, Concept2 Machines, and dumbbell and kettlebell lifts. Our goal is to help you improve your endurance, enabling you to work harder and longer before fatigue sets in. As your threshold improves, your ability to maintain high-intensity workouts will significantly enhance.

AeroCapacity: AeroCapacity is all about improving your overall work capacity and efficiency. We target both the cardiovascular and muscular endurance systems with this class. Each session is designed to challenge your aerobic capacity. The goal here is to increase the maximum amount of physical exertion your body can handle, helping you push your limits and recover more quickly during intense exercise bouts.

AeroTeamwork: In this class, we take the energy and excitement of group training and add an element of competition. AeroTeamwork focuses on cooperative exercises that require coordination, communication, and mutual support. Whether you are rowing in synchronisation on Concept2 machines, performing partnered bodyweight exercises, or sharing the load in dumbbell and kettlebell routines, every session is a challenge that the team faces together. It’s a fun, social way to work out and the group dynamic can push you to achieve more than you might on your own.

AeroSthetics: This class blends aesthetics and endurance. Aerosthetics aims to shape and define your muscles while also providing a robust aerobic challenge. Each session is strategically designed to promote muscle symmetry, balance, and posture, helping you not only look great but also improve functional movement and overall fitness.

AeroSweat: High-energy, heart-pumping express class designed specifically for the busy demographic who are short on time but still want to achieve an intense workout and get their sweat on! In just 30 minutes, our AeroSweat class will push your limits, torch calories, and leave you feeling energised and accomplished.


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