Bjj Instructors Lineage

Lineage in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is important. This is part of the tradition of jiu-jitsu and the connection between a teacher and a student. Lineage is a concept that is part of many martial arts and it is part of the tradition of having loyalty to a teacher and a dojo or team.

In BJJ, the concept of ‘lineage’ focuses on who you trained with and how directly connected they are to the Gracie family. Being able to show a connection to the Gracie family ensures that your belt is, in a way, credible. Whoever gives you your black belt will always be connected to you. So Paulo is always going to be a Jorge Pereira black belt and Jorge is always going to be a Rickson Gracie black belt.

There are black belts who have been graded by one person, changed teams, and then set up their team. However, they will always be attached to the person that gave them their black belt. This is part of the reason why ROOTS BJJ has a strong connection with Master Jorge Pereira. As a result, there is a degree of personal accountability that comes with knowing that any students you grade as a black belt will carry your name. Even the lower belts will be associated with your name.

​Consequently, you have to be certain that a student deserves a belt before they are awarded with a new belt. This is why ROOTS BJJ believes in Respect, Honour, Loyalty, and Family. This shows our connection and respect to the teachers that have come before us and the real Samurai Spirit.

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