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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit focuses on achieving competency in endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. We pay attention to all of these components of fitness and not by focusing on one element of fitness.

Because of this philosophy, elite military and police units have adopted CrossFit as their primary physical training tool. Many professional athletes such as martial arts champions have also taken up CrossFit as a strength and conditioning program. So why not you too?

At CrossFit Botany our program is designed to deliver broad, general, and inclusive work outs, with the goal to increase work capacity. This translates to our ability to perform day-to-day tasks more easily an become a better version of ourselves. crossfit gym sydney

With universal scalability, the sport welcomes all committed individuals regardless of experience.

LEARN Fundamentals:

The Botany style estabished a new era of Coaching, leading and inspiring an entire generation of Crossfit enthusiasts. Our team takes pride in teaching new persons starting Crossfit a safe, effective and appropriate method that promotes longevity and supports correct understanding of movements.

By experience, we understand that starting any new fitness routine can be sometimes overwhelming and somewhat intimidating, it’s in this personalised setup we break the barriers, benefiting and enhancing your overall perception of CrossFit.


The goal of the Fundamentals Program is to build confidence and comfortability in all of the movements experienced in a CrossFit class.


Eliminate your fears and be introduced to the CrossFit methodology all while getting fitter.

What can I expect at a Fundamentals class?

Our renowned CrossFit Botany Fundamentals is a specific Personal Training process where our Coach teaches you the safe techniques and quality movement methods experienced with a CrossFit Class. After this quick process, you will have a strong understanding of the foundations of CrossFit and be ready to make the transition into our community.

The basics of Gymnastics positions and proper Weightlifting mechanics on the barbell are the key components that differ from a standard functional program. We are not shy to dive head first into technical coaching because our Coaches deeply understand correct movement and technique.

Fundamentals workouts offer a condensed and scaled version of the Class program catered to your ability, here our coach will monitor and guide you through your first experience using the new movements you have learned.

But learning doesnt stop there, Our team is actively dedicated to continuing your progressional journey and developing all your skills well into the programs of the class and beyond.

Open Gym

The Botany environment extends far beyond the scopes of our beloved classes. Open Gym is for those who may follow their own program or enjoy the luxury of accessing the gym too train on their own accord. Use our impressive array of equipment and machines to chase all your training gosls.

Keep in mind, all memberships come with unlimited Open Gym access, make up for missing a particular workout, or spend extra time outside of class to work on all the skills, drills, techniques.Β 

Open Gym is EVERYDAY, Even on the weekend.

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Check out our membership options and become a part of the Botany Fitness community.