Roots Bjj

Professor Paulo Guimaraes

ROOTS Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) was founded in 2000 by Prof Paulo Guimaraes. The ROOTS BJJ Academy has grown to become one of the biggest and strongest teams in the Australian competition scene.

As a team, ROOTS BJJ have won many tournaments and we have forged hundreds of champion athletes including World, Australian, Asian and Pan Pacific champions. ROOTS BJJ has also grown in numbers of affiliated schools nationally and internationally with numerous Roots gyms in Australia and worldwide with ROOTS gyms in South Korea, Macedonia and in the USA.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the most efficient martial art in the world for self-defence and one-to-one combat. The use of a range of techniques, such as joint locks and chokes, to immobilise or to make an opponent submit are based on leverage and control. This makes it easy for a weaker or smaller person to defeat a bigger and stronger opponent in any situation.

At ROOTS BJJ, we focus on equipping our students with a range of techniques that can be used for self-defence as well as training for belts and competitions.

At ROOTS BJJ, you will learn this amazing martial art in all aspects from the fundamentals to the highest competition level plus the most efficient self-defence system in the world taught by our high qualified and experienced instructors. Learn and have fun in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at the same time you develop your skills on the mats.

All levels and ages are welcome. We have a range of classes to suit men, women and children.

ROOTS BJJ is underpinned by four principles:

RESPECT – Respect for yourself, your team, your teachers, and your opponent
HONOUR – Train, compete, and live with integrity, honour, and honesty
LOYALTY – Be loyal to your team and your teachers
FAMILY – The ROOTS Team are your family, and when you train with ROOTS, you are home

World Championship Fight in Brazil


BJJ is made to be a life-long sport. Everyone can benefit from BJJ no matter your age, gender, or physical fitness. The benefits of doing BJJ go far beyond knowing how to protect yourself.

Seven benefits of BJJ are:

Qualified Fields:
  1. BJJ builds strength and flexibility
  2. BJJ builds endurance
  3. BJJ builds mental strength, persistence and determination
  4. BJJ builds self-discipline and confidence
  5. BJJ builds a community and creates lifelong friendships
  6. BJJ builds a space for you to face and conquer your fears
  7. BJJ builds a better you​


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone. ROOTS BJJ offers private and group classes for everyone from beginners to black belts. We also offer classes for children, teens, and women.


Adults classes are for all levels from beginner through to black belt.

These classes focus on technique development, self-defence, fitness, core conditioning, and competition training. All welcome.

Women's Classes

We offer women’s self-defence classes. These classes are designed to develop techniques in self-defence for a range of situations.

The classes also focus on building friendships, fitness, strength,and coordination.

Children's Classes

We offer children’s classes. These classes are structured around the children’s grading system

There is a strong focus on discipline, self-confidence, coordination, friendship, team work, and fun.

The children’s classes are all taught by highly experienced instructors that all have relevant Working With Children Checks.