Tactical Krav Maga - Botany Fitness

Tactical Krav Maga which is an unarmed system when combined with Armed Combat & Tactics which is all about cold weapons offers a synergy of combat integrity.

International Chief Instructor Carl Halley (B.A. Security, Terrorism & Counter Terrorism & B.A. Politics & International studies) through TKM/ACT has personally taught and trained members of ASIO, Australian Army (Combat Engineers), Federal Police, Royal Australian Navy, NZ Police, Indonesian Counter Terrorism Police (Dansus 88 & Gagana) and NSW Police.

TKM is a blend of different Krav Maga systems drawn from Israels top Krav Maga instructors – Eyal Yanilov (I.K.M.F), Itay Gil (PROTECT), Ran Nakash & Danny Netzer (Nakash Krav Maga).

Combined with the founders 36 years of Martial Arts, 6 years Merchant Navy, Boxing, Kick Boxing, over 30 years Security Industry & 11 years R.A.AF (Res) have culminated to make this a well rounded but simple fighting system.