coach Laura with her arms crossed



Coaching Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Business and Sports (Hons)
  • Cert 3 + 4 in Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1

With over 15 years representing at the pinnacle of GAA across Ireland, Laura boasts an extensive background in multiple sports disciplines. Her journey into coaching commenced with youth teams, where she discerned the profound impact that skill development could have on individuals.

Laura’s personal adversities and experiences have endowed her with remarkable resilience and empathy. She derives immense satisfaction in assisting others in enhancing their physical and mental fortitude. This is achieved by challenging limitations, navigating beyond comfort zones, and dismantling self-imposed barriers.

Engaging with driven, successful, and supportive peers in coaching and training has been pivotal in reshaping her life. This remains a primary motivation for Laura, as she is deeply committed to helping others realise that they, too, can elevate their life quality through purposeful, secure, and rigorous physical activity.

Laura’s profound appreciation for the opportunity to pursue her passion and aid others is palpable. Her vivacious and uplifting presence ensures that those around her consistently feel empowered and invigorated.