Corey - Coach


Fitness Coach

Qualified Fields:

  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1

Eli is a dynamic and vibrant fitness coach from Brazil with a rich background in gymnastics and a degree in Sport & Science.

Her transition to Australia in 2017 brought her expertise to a new audience, where she completed her fitness certifications.

As a mother herself, Eli specializes in empowering other mums, offering guidance and strategies to balance parenthood with personal health goals.

Her coaching style is clear-cut and supportive, focusing on building sustainable habits and enabling self-confidence. Eli’s approach is crafted to energize and inspire, particularly helping individuals find their stride in fitness and life.

Her journey is an incredible inspiration to those that aspire to seek confidence and prosperity. She stands as a role model, leading by example for the next generation demonstrating that a commitment to health is both achievable and deeply rewarding.