Corey - Coach



Qualified Fields:

  • Strength and Conditioning Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 1

Enzo brings a lifetime of sports experience to his coaching, having excelled in a variety of disciplines such as soccer, oztag, and basketball.

His extensive background has gifted him with a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in athletics, making him a versatile coach in strength, conditioning, and sports-specific training.

Enzo thrives on guiding individuals and groups alike, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals through well-crafted, dynamic training sessions. He is a cornerstone of our community.

Enzo’s friendly and engaging presence makes him a favorite among members. He takes great pride in the personal achievements of each individual, showcasing a supportive environment where everyone’s goals are celebrated.

His passion for community involvement and his dedication to personal and collective growth are infectious. Enzo is constantly pursuing knowledge to better himself and, in turn, inspire and elevate those around him to new heights of wellness and athletic performance.